Thursday, April 26, 2012

About the garden...

So... I haven't forgotten to post pics of my veggie garden. It's just that it's been like this:

  • Tuesday poured down rain
  • Wednesday I got home after dark
  • Thursday...
The sun was out and when I went to take a look at my lovely vegetable garden... it didn't look so lovely. :( So I didn't take a picture. (But maybe I'll get bold and show that good and the bad. That's how we grow and learn, right?

Well, I did get most of my other plants potted. Put our herbs that we started from seed in a planter and other things which are more interesting to see than to read about. So there'll be pics of those things as well.

Hubby came home and I realized I'd lost track of time. Still managed to make this new recipe come out successfully.

My version came out much more... green. But it was very tasty and highly delicious. 

By the way, does anyone have tips on nurturing a veggie garden in the NW?

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