Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So much for the "Honeymoon Phase"

I recently celebrated 4 years of marriage to the best team mate a girl could ask for. Seriously, the amount of love that man pours out to me on a regular basis is simply astounding. In fact, if you spend any amount of time with me, you're likely to hear some story about something J did or said that rocked my world. (I've just got it like that).

Whenever I'm asked how long we've been married, the response I receive is almost always the same: "Oh, you're still newlyweds." Which just makes me think: "At what point do we get to graduate out of Newlywed Stage?" This topic came up during our anniversary camping trip (a tradition I rather enjoy, thank you). We discussed whether newlywed-ness was related to the perceived "Honeymoon Phase". Seasoned couples do tend to downplay the sappy emotions of the newlywed couple as having not yet awoken to reality. Am I right?

Then J, being the science-loving man that he is, broke down for me the chemistry of the "Honeymoon Phase" phenomenon. (Un)Fortunately for you, I can't/won't recall the details, but it involves pheromones, brain activity and the like. It was fascinating, trust me. But as he described these things and how he remembers them playing out for him, I had the thought (out loud), "Yeah, those things didn't really happen to me."

That's when J dropped the bomb, "I honestly think you didn't have a honeymoon phase". Say what?! Are you kidding me? I'm all about this guy! There are so many things that I ignore instead of being annoyed at - isn't that the definition of Honeymoon Phase? But when I thought about it, I quickly realized he was right. There wasn't a fantasy-like high that I would inevitably come down from. Leave it to me to be the one to just bypass the "norm." And you know, I'm okay with that.

So what do you call the stage after the Honeymoon Phase?... Wait, isn't that just Marriage? Then here's to marriage!

*Choose your own adventure*
<3 R.