Thursday, August 14, 2014

GISHWHES Day 5: An epic climb

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The thing about GISHWHES is that some of the tasks, just aren't possible for every team. Case in point:
Table Mountain, South Africa; Mount Snowdon Wales; Mount Sinai, Egypt; Mt. Fuji, Japan; and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania are epic peaks. Climb one of them. You must submit two images side by side, one of you in front of the mountain, and the second, with you at the summit, wearing the same clothes, holding up a sign that says: "Everything is easy when you GISHWHES!" (2 img side by side)
Granted, not all of the HaveSaltWillTravel team lives in the state of Washington, but we do all live in the United States - and none of us were currently visiting any of the countries with these epic peaks. One teammate had a friend who was vacationing in Fuji... but who knew whether that friend could - let alone would - climb the mountain for us. What I did know is I hike mountain trails. And I have a Mt. Si nearby (in case you didn't know, the Northwest has it all). :)

So at 8am, I was at the base of my own epic peak. (Perhaps the judges won't notice...)

At the base of Mt. Si(nai)
At the peak, 3 hours later

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

On my way up the mountain, a friend I'd left a message with returned my call and gave me permission to borrow his sasquatch. More on that later...

Stay tuned for day 6...

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