Tuesday, August 12, 2014

GISHWHES Day 3: Learning new tricks

Monday, August 4, 2014

Once again (and despite staying up until nearly 2am), I could not stay asleep and was out of bed, ready to tackle my scavenger hunt items.

Mind you, it's a weekday and even though I work for myself, there was work that needed to be done. I managed to focus on completing that and then quickly moved on to the more exciting things.

To start with, more emails, phone calls & facebook requests were sent. I needed to acquire:
  • Access to an art gallery
  • A cat (friendly and willing to travel)
  • An acoustic guitarist
  • 10 people dressed in business suits willing to engage in a water balloon war
Shouldn't be too hard, right...?

I was able to connect with a friend who could help me with #15:
Have an elderly person (no offense Laurie!) teach you an "old-school" skill now considered obsolete. For example, how to operate a telegraph or a mechanical typewriter (those examples are now off-limits).
She said she could teach me the nose flute, but she only had 5 minutes and we had to meet right now. Well alrighty! Here's how that worked out.

Wow! Thank you Laurie!!

Next up, I was tasked with turning that denim bed sheet from the thrift store into a giant t-shirt for this one:
You and your four friends are a five-headed monster with all of your heads poking out of one collar of a giant shirt. Now do yard work.
Here's how the shirt turned out.
[Unfortunately, we were never able to gather 5 people together to complete the task. :( But wouldn't you agree that's a fine 5-person t-shirt?]

Like with the puzzling challenge, this next challenge called out to me right away:
On a pool or billiards table, sink at least 4 balls with one shot. So we know it's you doing it, wear a t-shirt displaying your GISHWHES team name. The more balls that go in, the more points.
It's not that I'm particularly good at shooting pool, I've just enjoyed it for a long time and will take any excuse I can get to play. I had five days and I planned to put in an hour everyday until I figured out how to do a 4-ball trickshot. So off to Black Zia Cantina I went (with my laptop & webcam, just in case).

I got there around 4pm and claimed my table. Shortly after, another patron (who I learned was Joe) took the 2nd table beside me. Not having a clue where to start, I asked Joe if he knew of a setup that would sink 4 balls in one shot. He thought about it and showed me a setup he remembered from a while ago, but hadn't actually done himself. After a few minutes of practice, he sunk all 4, proving that it could be done. An hour later, I did this:

O.M.G.! And huge thank you to Joe!!
So, one of the rules of GISHWHES is that unless specified, all videos must be no longer than 15.7 seconds. :( At any rate, you get the point.

Last contribution of the day was a task that all team members had to partake in:
An image of each of the members of your team in Brady-Bunch style grid format. Photos should be mug-shot style with each team member holding a black and white sign stating their city and country of residence.(one image with 15 images edited into it)
Here was mine.

Oh and one more picture to be a part of this:
GISHWHES rock band album cover including one, some or all of your teammates.

Y'all didn't know I had so many faces, did you? :D

Are you tired after all that? Well so was I.

Next up: Day 4...

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